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Here at First-Class-Adopts we showcase some of the best adopts in the DA community, through this we are able to help promote artists and their creations.
Founded 2 Years ago
Jun 22, 2015


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829 Members
701 Watchers
16,116 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

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(Contest) First Class mascot by PuntosNinja
First Class by Deviadopts
Auctions and Trade Adopts
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Journals, Giveaways, Contests, Raffles
168 Hour MYO Event (Open) by LoneWolfChild88
Open Species, Closed Species, Info Sheets
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Children of Vision ADOPTS [3/3 OPEN] [BATCH 1] by CereaI
Anthro Corde Designs Flatsale! by Nanger-Dama
{closed} {Torimori} Drago - auction by Alisenokmice
DTA OPEN - #34 Bub-Chi by KetLike
Draw To Adopt closed by Blondder
DTA-Sugar Dust-dragpuff-closed by Zitphonena
Spring Faerie Flubbicorn DTA- OPEN - deadline adde by Krizpie
blue goldstone gemsona ota - OPEN by kat-eunhyeo
OTA / TTA RM Batch #5 [4/4 OPEN] by DreamselfyPrincess
OPEN | OTA doggos by ghaor
Adopt Sale/Trade (cs and non cs, some free) -Open- by ST0NEDRAINBOWG0ATBUT
Sleepy Baby ::YCH:: *OPEN*~GIF~ by TwistedAsh-Adopts
Dat Flank! .:20pt or art ych open:. by CatSoupAdopts
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SU Obsidian Fusion Adopt (OPEN) by SmilesUpsideDown
Adopt auction (open) by Pug--adopts
BIG OC CLEANOUT by typicaIdoq
Scheelite adoption open by blackevil915
Chibi, Anime, Manga Adopts
Adopts  (Open) by Sweet-G
Adoptables (Open) by Sweet-G
[OPEN] OTA Gaia Adopts #1 by Tsukiyou
[OPEN] Untraded Dreamselfy batch by Tsukiyou
Mystery, Egg, Palette, Gacha, Aesthetic, Gem
[closed] by aoiku
Canine Adopts
Canine Adopt [Open] by DaemonenStuff
Feline Adopts
All Unadopted Kittens sheet 3 :open: by NightRaven-Adopts
Human, Humanoid, Monster, Anthro
[ OPEN ] ADOPT 8$ [Paypal] by Mirra-Mortas
Mixed, Various, Hybrid and Breedable Adopts
:. Dog Breedables - OPEN .: by Booty-Bae-Adopts
Aquatic Adopts
{closed} {Torimori} Pink Coral - auction by Alisenokmice
Equine Adopts
PayPal MLP Adopts OPEN by SugiliteAlpaWolf
Outfits, Costumes, Looks, Accessories
[OPEN] Design Adopt Creature - 2 by MhaxiR
Bases and lineart
[p2u] Canine Lines by DaemonenStuff
Reduced, Trade and Sale Adopts
White Onyx Adoptable (REOPENED - PRICE REDUCED) by potarosoup
Commissions, Customs, MYO
[OPEN] CUSTOM CAT ADOPTABLES - $0.50/50 POINTS by OnionChipSmoothie



A few things to get you started, please read the rules and guidelines below!

Rules and Guidelines:

:bulletred: Stealing work and claiming it as your own is unacceptable (PLEASE report any cases of this)

:bulletred: No complaining if you can't afford the adopts

:bulletgreen: Please respect one another and keep a good atmosphere by doing so. This includes respecting all admins of the group. If you are rude especially towards myself or my co-owner, you will be permabanned from the group and contacting us. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all!

:bulletgreen: You are ALLOWED to advertise in the comments TWICE a week, as long as it doesn't become spam.

:bulletblack: Please submit to the right folder, it's not that hard!

:bulletblack: If you are unsure as to what folder your deviation goes into leave a comment and I will advise you.

:bulletblack: If you have any idea's for future contest's please let me know.

:bulletgreen: If you would like me to add a new folder, please also let me know either through comments or note

:bulletgreen: Overall, suggestions are WELCOME to help me improve the group.

:bulletgreen: Doll-marker's and generator's are allowed

:bulletred: Once your adopt is CLOSED please REMOVE it from the folder it is in

:bulletred: If you're a repeat offender of not removing your deviations from the group you will be kicked. Sorry, but this system is in place so it's easier to organize and keep the folders up to date.

:bulletred: Members who do not have any deviations on their account will not be accepted. Sorry, but this is an adoptable group and if you are not an adoptable maker you will not be accepted! Likewise if you do not have any deviations relating to adoptables.

Thanks everyone, if you don't oblige by these rules I will need to take action, I don't want to do that but I will if the situation escalates. I'm a very blunt person, so at times my tone may come across as "rude" or what have you, but it's just me being straightforward. I appreciate everyone's contribution to the group.

UPDATE (28/02/2017):
Raffle info and prizes have been added! Please take your time when reading through the raffle info, it's important if you get my drift. And wow, I didn't realized we hit the 700+ members milestone O: 
Thank you to everyone who has made this group possible!

UPDATE (18/03/2017):
More prizes have been added, along with some new art examples to give you an idea to what you could win! This is basically just myself preparing for the Raffle; will more likely commence at the end of the next month when enough donations, participants, and prizes have been added.

Thank you all for being so patient, and welcome to the new members! This Raffle is an exciting event for your adoptables group. Everyone's contribution somehow will be greatly appreciated.

 It's been a slow yet steady journey to where we are now. So this raffle is a huge thank you to everyone~!

In order to win, all you need to do is tell us how you found First-Class-Adopts and what impact is has had on you as an artist, whether it may be learning about the adoptables community, improving your art skills or even making new friends within the community~!

All points raised by the tickets will be used to reward the prize winners.

4 lucky deviants will be selected at random for the prizes. For now, the raffle is still in progress of collecting points and art donations for the prizes. If you are interested please let us know. We appreciate your contribution!

Color Change Bullet RULES: Color Change Bullet 

    :bulletgreen: Be respectful to the winners and other participants.
:bulletred: ONLY Watchers and Members of the group are allowed to partake! So join or watch the group if you haven't done so; members/watchers new and old are all welcome.
Please watch First-Class-Adopts , myself (ReedusKitty) or my co-founder (Tomboy-Kei)
Do not unwatch immediately after the raffle is over/or you didn’t win (it’s rude)


 Color Change Bullet HOW TO ENTER: Color Change Bullet 

Arrow left A.) Make a journal mentioning this raffle and link it below in your comment.
- Tag THREE people in your journal.
- Mention how you found this group and what impact it has made on you as an artist.

Arrow left B.) You will be given a number

 Color Change Bullet INFO: Color Change Bullet 
(what happens once you've received a number?):

*You will then be given a number once you do the above steps.
*Please do not forget your number, otherwise you might miss out if your ticket is selected!


Color Change Bullet PRIZE INFO: Color Change Bullet 

Here are the prizes that are up for grabs! Be sure to stay updated by faving this journal as prizes will be unlocked once the specified number of participants is met!

And again, if you wish to be a donator please let myself (ReedusKitty) or Tomboy-Kei know through note or comment

 Color Change Bullet 1st Place: Color Change Bullet 
100 :points: from CherrysDesigns

Two Month Honourable Mention from ReedusKitty

Two Full Coloured (experimental) Chibis from ReedusKitty (below)
[G] KuroMokonaChan by ReedusKitty
One Custom Adoptable from ReedusKitty (below)
Sketch Auction One [CLOSED] by ReedusKitty
Two Custom Mocchin Adoptable from Damon-Ruru (below)
Mocchin Adoptables(closed) by Damon-Ruru      Mocchin Adoptables OTA(closed) by Damon-Ruru

One Character Sheet by ReedusKitty 
Example to be include soon.

Color Change Bullet  2nd Place: Color Change Bullet 
100 :points: from CherrysDesigns

25 :points: from Damon-Ruru

One Month Honourable Mention from ReedusKitty

One Character Sheet by ReedusKitty 
Example to be include soon.

One Normal Fullbody from katskratchii (below)
bob by katskratchii     oh hey by katskratchii

Chibi Custom from Damon-Ruru (below)
Xenon Simple Chibi Horn by Damon-Ruru


  Color Change Bullet 3rd Place: Color Change Bullet 
One Normal Fullbody from 
katskratchii (below)

bob by katskratchii     oh hey by katskratchii

One Fullbody Sketch from Keiko-Draws (below)

pc: kisa by Keiko-Draws

Two Chibi Headshots from Tomboy-Kei (below)

Tiny Lirya Headshot by Tomboy-Kei [Dis-Colour] Tiny Sky Headshot by Tomboy-Kei  [Dis-colour] Tiny 'Iserene' Headshot by Tomboy-Kei

Two Coloured Sketch Chibis from ReedusKitty (below)
ColouredExamples by ReedusKitty SketchColoursExample2 by ReedusKitty

 Three weeks 
Honourable Mention ReedusKitty

20 :points: from Tomboy-Kei

Color Change Bullet 4th Place: Color Change Bullet 
One Sketch Fullbody from katskratchii (below)

CM 1/3 Bajingzang by katskratchii    CM Mayonayys by katskratchii

One Chibi Sketch from ReedusKitty (below)

SketchExamples by ReedusKitty
 Two weeks Honourable Mention ReedusKitty

5 :points: from Tomboy-Kei


 Color Change Bullet  5th Place: Color Change Bullet 
One Sketch Fullbody from katskratchii (below)
CM 1/3 Bajingzang by katskratchii    CM Mayonayys by katskratchii

One Chibi Sketch from ReedusKitty (below)
   SketchExamples by ReedusKitty    

One week Honourable Mention ReedusKitty

5 :points: from Tomboy-Kei


|| ReedusKitty || Tomboy-Kei || CherrysDesigns || Keiko-Draws || Damon-Ruru || katskratchii||




More Journal Entries


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thank you~
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cheap cute dogs!!! all open
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